Report on illumination’s field study into relieving energy poverty

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illumination is a commercial venture unlike others. Our goals are not only to make a profit for our shareholders but also to improve the lives of our customers and of the environment on which we all depend. We don’t think these objectives have to be in conflict – in fact in our business model they co-exist happily.

One thing we do is measure the social and environmental benefits our activities produce. To do this we frequently run studies with our key NGO partners around the world where we replace kerosene lamps with Mandarins and subsequently¬†measure the impacts on the lives of recipients (particularly around energy poverty relief) and on the environment as a whole. The results provide quite an insight. So rather than keep them to ourselves we thought we’d share them.

Click on the cover page below to download the latest report into our study (PDF):

illumination - Empirical study into relieving energy poverty in the developing world